‘In a changing world we must never forget the dedication and sacrifice of previous generations and the human spirit that persists even against the most overwhelming odds’ ©

United in Remembrance


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We are an association of individual re-enactors and groups of re-enactors who present our historical interest and knowledge through interactive displays and educational activities to public and private audiences throughout Great Britain and abroad.

We are able to pursue our living history portrayals because of the freedom we enjoy, a freedom that has been secured for us by a previous generation that endured the war years 1939 – 1945. Their legacy is our responsibility to carry forward and we are honoured to do so.

It is only right therefore that we acknowledge the sacrifice of that generation by showing Respect and Remembrance in the way we present ourselves and our displays to our audiences. For that reason and because we also have a close allegiance to Veteran’s groups and charities as well as to units of our current Armed Forces we have formed

‘Re-enactors United in Remembrance’.

We remember too, all service personnel who have been involved in post WW2 conflicts.

We are all widely experienced in our portrayals, we are dedicated to living history and we carry full public liability insurance.

Founding Members




John Dickson, who as a child lived through the Blitz in London, is very supportive of our educational activities and provides us with first-hand accounts of and anecdotes from the home front. He is our living link with that era.

Matt Page is the owner and lead organiser of the Festival of the Forties. Matt has been involved in living history for many years and his annual festival is fast gaining a fine reputation at home and overseas.

Ian Barber is an accredited Battlefield Guide and a prolific and respected author of books about WW2. His knowledge of and interest in the subject are valuable assets and an endorsement of what our core values represent.

Roy Farmers MBE JP says he is delighted to ‘accept the honour’ of being a Patron. Roy is a past County President of the Royal British Legion and is presently the President of an RBL Branch. He has worked tirelessly for the Legion for many years and his recognition is a great endorsement of our ethos and focus as re-enactors.

Ian Bayley is widely known throughout the 1940s community not least for his role as the man behind ‘The 1940s Society’. He is also a dedicated re-enactor and educationalist and he has generously sponsored this website in his capacity as the owner of a history led book publishing company.

For further details and for all general enquiries, please email us at ruir3945@outlook.com (We aim to respond within 3 working days)

‘Re-enactors United in Remembrance is a not for profit entity’

Living History is more than a hobby, it is an act of REMEMBRANCE

Reverse arms image courtesy of A. Wilkinson.

'...the real heroes are those that fought for our country. They are the reason why we are all here today and enjoying the freedoms they gave us. I consider myself privileged to have been able to better understand that period of history through the music we play and in my role as a bandleader.'

Debbie Curtiss, Debbie Curtiss Radio Big Band, London

‘As far as possible, these re-enactors present themselves to the highest standard at all times. Anything less than that would be an insult to the veterans and to the legacy of the people they are portraying’.

Oliver Tobias, Actor/Producer/Filmmaker

'...unlike some of the other periods that children study, the 1940s are part of the modern world'

Rachel Duffield, Live Interpretation Officer at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse. Norfolk.

'In November and throughout the year, re-enactors help to make the Remembrance link from the past to the present strong and relevant. Thank you.'

The Royal British Legion, London.

‘In a changing world we must never forget the dedication and sacrifice of previous generations and the human spirit that persists even against the most overwhelming odds’

Sir Graham Meldrum CBE OStJ QFSM DUniv FIFireE

References available upon request.

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